I was thinking of the best heading that will capture clearly what I want to share on this post. Some of the titles that came to mind include, “Choose Your Ministry League”, “The Choice is Yours”, “Ministry vs Influence” but I finally settled for “Ministry Influence”.

If you read those heading carefully, you would already have gotten the message in this post.
In the pictures below is TESTIMONY a BLW Gospel music sensation ministering Live at the Ovation Christmas Carol yesterday in Lagos.

He minister his 2019 hit song; JESUS and POVERTY DON LEAVE ME.
Dr Tim Godfery also ministered at this event too and I was almost crying watching these two at this event.

Now why is this a big deal? Ovation Christmas Carol is a Highly Secular Event, and these two Gospel artistes brought Heaven there and glorified Jesus. When Testimony was ministering the song JESUS, I saw the entire audience worshipping, some lifting up hands, some were crying, some were speaking in tongue. It was a mix emotion for me.
When Dr Tim Godfery did Nara, it was also a beautiful moment as everyone praised God together with him.

This is ministry, this is Influence. You see erhn the choice is yours. You can choose to be a minister influencing 20 people in your local church or street or you can choose to be global and Influential for Christ. Most times when I talk about ministry Influence some artistes are quick to argue that it’s not important.. lol. The choice is yours really. Choose your league. You are fast to say you are doing ministry with your music and in your mind you think being local and uninfluential is what make it ministry. If what these two artistes did yesterday isn’t ministry, then I wonder what that is to you.

The difference is that they have chosen a global stage and influence to reach and impact more lives. You see erhn, the same Bible Bishop Oyedepo uses, is the same Bible the pastor next door is using and he’s struggling to pay his church rent in a warehouse, yet one built a one time biggest church in the world. Both are doing ministry but at different level. Again I say the choice is yours. Choose your ministry league. You can choose to remain small, local and uninfluential or choose to be global. Either ways God is glorified. Poor Lazarus made heaven, Father Abraham also made heaven but you know the difference Sha.

About ten years ago, I was in my neighbor’s house watching TV and Hillsong music came on the TV. As we listened and sang along, she broke down in tears, went on her knees and gave her live to Christ. Hillsong all the way from Australia, got her saved in Nigeria through their song. This is ministry Influence. Before you bring logical sense on this, think how far your own song can go to save lives if only you got that Influence.

In 2021, as you do ministry, set your heart on Influence.

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Amachree Ikijana Alex
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