A few weeks back I shared a story in one of my articles about how a record label boss in a movie made a statement that music is not supposed to just have a message but that music is supposed to sell. A lot of people didn’t quite understand the seriousness of that statement.

I hear a lot of people talk about the fact that songs of this generation don’t have message in them especially the secular ones and stressing the need for messages in songs. First of all, there is no song in the world without a message. It might not be the kind of message you like, but definitely every song has a message. Good or bad, but there must be a message.

Most artistes who are concerned about messages do so thinking that it is the message that will make the song blow or sell. Truth is that messages don’t blow songs. Of course there are loads of songs in the world in languages you don’t even understand that went viral and blow even in Nigeria here. Am I saying it is bad to have a good message? No, it is good to have very good messages in your songs but if the songs don’t blow, your message is defeated. So the focus is to create a hit song with your message so that your message will benefit the world.

Of course you know that most songs in the world carry many messages. In one song you can have many messages, even in gospel songs and that alone is a problem. If you want to blow a song with message and in your song you have five messages, which of the messages is going to blow the song? Now if you understand how to create hits, you can have messages that are COHERENT in the song. This way you can stand a bit of a chance.

I always say that if good messages are what it takes to create a hit song, all gospel songs will be an instant hit because they all almost have good messages. I mean they sing about Jesus and all he’s done. That’s not only good messages but also a good news. But no. A whole lot of artistes with very good messages are struggling. Songs with very good messages are littering the market with no one giving them attention.

It is not messages that blow songs, it is words that blow songs. Read that again… It is not messages that blow songs, it is words that blow songs. Now this may be a bit too deep for you. I will demystify this theory in my SCHOOL OF MUSIC COACHING AND MENTORSHIP CLASS starting soon.

You might be wondering, is it not words that makes a message? True, words make message and you should know that different words will communicate the same message differently.

If you want to Intentionally create hit songs, you must master the use of words in communicating your message because it is words that truly blow a song. Most secular artistes know and operate this principle.

If I say, “In this life, you have to make money ooo, do whatever it takes to make money”.

A lot of people will react to this message differently. A lot of people will get different messages from that. Of course all I am trying to say is that you should make money right? But you see I did something that sends a different kind of message and with that I already got the attention I need. Why? I will tell you in my class and how you can use words to blow your songs

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