I have written a very important article about gospel Artistes and record label some months back. It is a very enlightening article and I sincerely think you need to read that first before you read what I am about to say here. It is important you understand a few things about record label before you read how to get one. Please click on this link below to read that article titled “Gospel Artistes and Record Labels”

Now I assume that you have read that article, so you understand that a record label is a business organization, not ministry or charity. Although there are a few labels that run as ministry and charity but that is not a standard and not always the case. A proper label is a business. Now this is important because every business is set up for only one reason, to make PROFIT. I know you have heard people say a business is set up to solve problem or bring solution to problems. Wrong wrong wrong. The purpose of a business is to make PROFIT, how you go about making the profit is by providing solution to a particular problem.

In this case, the record label is the business and they are here to make PROFIT. The problem they solve is saving the artiste from dying with his or her gift and help the artistes music get to their audience, then they make loads of PROFIT from doing this. This honey, is exactly how it works. That means you are as valuable to the label as how much money you can bring or you are bringing to the label. Got it?

Now that settled, if you understand that a record label is here only for business and profit, then you must also understand that no business man will throw their money around where they will get no return. Even when a business man takes risk by investing in an unknown business, he actually saw a promise of returns in it, only that he’s not sure of the outcome ?%

So what? A record label will not walk on the road looking for an artiste to invest money in. A record label of today won’t even invest in you just because you have a nice voice and sing so well. That happened last in 19 century. Not anymore. Music today is bigger than having a good voice and the ability to sing so well. If it were like that, Davido won’t be making 30K not to talk of 30B with his frog voice oo. Don’t you see all those people who win music reality shows? With all the money and big record contracts, how many of them blow after winning?

Music Success in Nigeria especially is not by having good voice alone or that you have written 10000 songs. Nah! A good record label of today, will only invest in an artiste they believe will make a success of his or her career and bring them money. Maybe you are a gospel Artiste and all you know is ministry, ministry, ministry, Biko kindly avoid record labels. Record labels are not doing ministry with you, they did not send you ministry. They want to invest millions in you and make double of their money or at least extra 50%. We are praying for you that someday churches will build music facilities to help you fulfil your ministry but sincerely record Labels don’t really care about your ministry.

The Best way to get yourself a record contract is by ATTRACTION. Yes oooo. The best way in this 21 century to get a record label to invest in you is by attracting them. How? With your work. With your songs. You have to invest in quality music Content, Consistently put your work out there in their faces. Be heard, be visible. Don’t just sit and wait for a Destiny Helper, it’s not gonna work. You are the only helper of your own destiny that you know and have so do your part, help your destiny by doing the little best you can do from where you are.

You know scripture says KINGS shall come to the BRIGHTNESS OF YOUR RISING. It is the BRIGHTNESS of your rising that will attract Kings. So what, don’t sit down helpless, rise and shine your light. If you shine well enough, the brightness of your light will attract the best labels. Wizkid didn’t wait for Banky W to come to his house. Infact the first day Banky W met wizkid, it was in a concert and wizkid was on stage Hyping KELS. By then wizzy already had a song on radio which Banky W had already heard and loved. Check out all the artiste Don Jazzy signed. They were already pushing their songs. Until Jazzy noticed them.

It is same whether for gospel or secular. Before Eezee Concept signed JUDIKay, she has a few songs that are already doing well. Infact the song MORE THAN GOLD was recorded before she was signed to Eezee Concept records. Don’t dull yourself ooo. Keep working, keep pushing, keep being Consistent, keep rising and keep shining your light, soon enough, you will attract Kings. If you do this, one of two things will happen, you either get a record contract or you open your own record label.

Amachree Ikijana Alex (AIA)

Celebrity Music Coach
Music Content, Influence and Business Coach.

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