AmachreeThis is a follow up on my earlier article on establishing connection first before messages. First let me thank you guys for the amazing feedback I got from you. I feel truly honored that you got value in that post.

So I am still sharing with you on how important it is to establish a Connection first with your audience before anything else. This is a principle of Influence and if you understand it and use it well, you will definitely bring me serious tithe one day for teaching you this. Listen, in the business world, for people to buy from you especially if you are knew to them, you apply a principle called KLT.. which stands for Know, Like and Trust. People get to know you, then like you, then trust you with their money. That is a rule every serious business person understands.

Now what this means is that humans naturally move from the known to the unknown. It is in the Known that they are comfortable. Chai! Can I speak in tongues small to drive this message home to somebody? In music, the known is not YOU the Artiste, whether you are a superstar or not. The known is a point of Connection. Now take a minute and meditate on that. The known is what the audience can connect with, not YOU. If your audience can connect with you, they will like you. For instance, you are asked to lead a song in church and it’s your first day in that Church and your first time to sing in that Church. If you start singing Nara by Tim Godfrey the audience will like you because they can connect to you through the song. They won’t even remember that it’s your first time in the church, they will even take the song from you and finish it.

Have you ever wondered why you invite a popular artiste let’s say FRANK EDWARDS or EBEN for an event, these guys have at least 50 to 100 songs released right. And truth be told many of the songs they released are not popular hits. Why is it that Everytime they come for your event, they only sing those few songs you know that are popular? Or at least they make sure they start with a popular song. Since they are FRANK EDWARDS AND EBEN that everybody knows, they could have just sung any of their songs whether people know the songs or not. You see I told you earlier that the ARTISTES is not the KNOWN even if he or she is popular. The known to the audience is that point of Connection. One day I was listening to Dr Tim Godfery and he said that your audience and Fans don’t really love and care about you. They are only in love what what you do. He was absolutely right. As I heard him say that, I smiled because I knew it all along.

Do you ever wonder why TIM Godfrey is bringing HITs upon HITs, it’s because he knows this principle I am sharing with you and he is going to remain relevant for years to come bringing Hits upon HITs. If you understand this law, you will create HIT songs like it’s nothing. In my SCHOOL OF MUSIC COACHING AND MENTORSHIP CLASS, I teach practical principle to create hit songs that you can’t find on Google. Make sure you sign up for the second batch of this SCHOOL now. You can inbox me for details.

Until Connection is made, which is the known, you have no audience. This is why some of you will go for ministration, lose your Audience and be forming that worship is personal, that you ministered to God directly so if the audience don’t like your ministration it’s their problem. Atferall you are not ministering to men abi. You lie. If you want to minister directly to God, do it in your bedroom. If you are invited to lead worship, then make sure to lead by carrying the audience along with your songs. You don’t need a stage and a concert to minister directly to God, I said do that in your bedroom sir. Learn the rules to connect with your audience and your career and ministry will thank you for it. Amen?

Amachree Ikijana Alex (AIA)

Celebrity Music Coach
Music Content, Influence and Business Coach.

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