Rebecca Malope on 30 years in the industry: Madiba is still my highlight

To celebrate her 30 years in the music industry‚ Rebecca is heading to the UK in Birmingham on Saturday‚ followed by Ireland‚ where she’ll be performing for the very first time. Speaking to TMG Entertainment‚ the gospel singer expressed how grateful she is for how has career has grown in leaps and bounds from when she began singing.

“It has been one of the greatest experiences ever. I started out when I was very young‚ and since then I’ve had the opportunity to grow‚ to visit places that I never thought I would and meet important people from all around the world‚” she revealed.

The 47-year-old pointed out that one of her fondest memories throughout her career was performing for the late Nelson Mandela on her 40th birthday‚ after getting a personal invitation from the former president of South Africa.

“I could not believe it when he invited me to Maputo in Mozambique to not only perform‚ but spend time with him as well. It was unreal‚” she recalled.

Adding‚ “There were politicians everywhere and they were happy to see me perform. I’ve never felt so important in my life.”

Apart from hosting SABC 2’s It’s Gospel Time‚ a gospel music talk show‚ Rebecca revealed that she’s working on her autobiography‚ which is set to be released soon.

“I’m taking my time with the book. I’ve opted to write it myself‚ because it’s my story and therefore‚ I know it better than anyone.”

“The other reason that it’s taken so long is because I keep on having to go back and add more details that I suddenly remember every now and then. You know‚ old age is catching up with me‚” she added‚ jokingly.

Rebecca has also ventured into the business of property. She pointed out that music cannot be her only income stream‚ and that she doesn’t see herself being on stage forever.

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