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Nigerian Music Producer Wilson Joel Reveals New Single May Drop Soon | @joelwilsonmusic

Wilson Joel Dropping A New Single Soon?

Veteran music producer Wilson Joel reveals that he may likely release his first official single on his birthday in September after 13 years of hiding.

The House On The Rock Church music director who also ministered at #FearlessConcert on Sunday evening shared the news through a video on his Instagram page.

“Ermmmm My birthday is next month September. Who wants me to drop my first official single?????

Been hiding that for 13 years & produced the first song way back with my friend@iamwoleoni in 2004?

Wilson is also known as music magnate and as the first Nigerian producer to ink an endorsement deal by German musical software and equipment company Steinberg.

The producer concluded by announcing that he does not care if the song blows or not but as long as it finds its way into the spirit and soul of those who will listen.

“Love thy neighbor as thyself” time to love on myself and do for me what I’ve been doing for others….

I don’t care if it “BLOWS” or not as long as it finds its way into your spirit & soul!”

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