Kim Burrell Reveals She had a Talk with Jay Z And She will always support Him as a Person

Gospel queen of vocals Kim burrell expressed her heart and pain while on an interview with Praise 102.5 as she tackled the backlash she faced for expressing her thoughts on homosexuality while preaching in a church service.

During the interview, the soul singer revealed that people have no idea that she has housed homosexuals in her home.

“People don’t even now I housed homosexuals in my home and I would today but one thing I will never do is stop loving people and I will never not tell the truth of what I know.

The constitution is one thing for America but my constitution also includes the Bible and i’m gonna always stand on the constitution of the word of God.

And I feel better doing that than thinking that i missed out on an Ellen experience”

Delving further into the backlash and hate she received from both believers and non-believers, Kim Burrell revealed that during that period, Jay Z called her on the phone inviting her over to Los Angeles to have a talk.

“Jay Z called me, he says Kim I always know when Beyonce is going through something emotional or spiritual because I always hear you cause she plays you loudly in through the house.

So he says this time I need that Kim, so would you come to LA and I said yeah no problem.

So I fly to LA and we sit and talk for two hours and I found out so much about JAy Z that blessed me.

I will always support him as a person so the church can jump on the band wagon and say whatever they like.”

Kim went on to state that it is time for Gospel artistes to begin to work and move God’s kingdom further.

“I am working for kingdom business, these are people you need to know that you’re going to know because it’s time for us to do work and move the movement of God ahead.

God doesn’t need our help but he desires to see how much we would love to help him be God in the earth and that is what my mission is.

I’ll never forget the first time I was in the studio with Missy Elliot, she says all we have is music for you to hear for this song because I respect your relationship with God so much I’m not going to put words in your mouth.

That was almost 20 years ago and that respect still stands out there.” 

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