Must-see Faith-based Film ‘Slamma Jamma’, Inspired by a True Story, Hits Theaters Nationwide

What is becoming the ‘must-see’ faith-based movie of the year, Slamma Jamma hits theaters nationwide this Friday, with a sneak-preview this Thursday at all Regal theaters.

“It’s all about redemption,” says NFL legend Michael Irvin who stars in the film as the sports agent, Terrell. “My whole life is in this movie so I didn’t have to do any method acting.”

Inspired by a true story, Slamma Jamma tells the story of college basketball star Michael Diggs, played by Christ Staples, whose NBA dreams are crushed when he is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. After finding Christ in prison, Michael must repair the broken relationships from his past and overcome all odds to regain his career.

“It’s a great movie about faith, slam-dunk championships, victory – it has it all,” says Staples, lead star who is a five-time world slam dunk champion. “We need more movies like this.”

Slamma Jamma has one of the highest-rated pre-screenings across the country for a faith-based sports film.

“I have yet to see anyone not cry,” says Dale Carroll, the co-producer. “Grown men cry. Athletes cry. It’s very impactful. You have to actually see it to understand what I’m talking about.”

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN says the film is comparable to ‘Rocky.’ “If you liked ‘Rocky,'” says
Smith, “you will love Slamma Jamma.”

Will Slamma Jamma go down in history as a sports classic?

“I believe so,” says Tim Chey, the film’s director. “It’s not me saying it, but so many people I’ve
met across the U.S. say it’s the best basketball movie in twenty years. My goal is that the film also
brings people closer to God.”

Slamma Jamma opens nationwide in theaters March 24, 2017.


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