Gospel Singer ‘Kierra Sheard’ Says Mom’s Near-death Experience ‘Taught me to go to God for Myself’


Seeking God earnestly is what every believer must do to grow stronger and it’s something gospel recording artist Kierra Sheard says she learned to do during a difficult time.

At just 14 years old, the soloist and entrepreneur nearly lost her mother, GRAMMY® Award- winning vocalist Karen Clark Sheard, which taught her how to storm Heaven’s gates on her own.

“It pushed me to get on my knees and go to God for myself,” the tearful “Flaws” singer remembers during an in-depth profile of her life for Centric’s hit docu-series, “BEING,” airing Saturday, March 25th 10pm/9pm ET/CT.

After a minor surgery, Kierra’s mother, first lady of Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God
In Christ, explains during the episode, “I felt something in my lungs and I couldn’t breathe. I had a hard time breathing. So I pretty much collapsed on the bed and they realized that I had a blood clot on my lungs, which was traveling towards my heart.”

Clark Sheard, 56, went into a coma and was given just a two percent chance to live. “My wife was at the point of death,” says husband Bishop J. Drew Sheard during the dramatic recounting of events.

“At that moment, Mommy couldn’t pray,” recalls Kierra of the life-threatening situation that left her
previously strong and active shero bedridden.

She was so bad off for so long, First Lady Sheard had to re-learn to use her limbs and thought she would never sing or play piano again.

“After she was released from the hospital, it challenged me to love on her, listen to her, and value my family because you never know what they have to face. I love her and I am thankful for her,” Kierra said during a previous interview.

By God’s grace, the member of the legendary Clark Sisters made a full recovery.

For an in-depth look inside the life of the Sheards featuring never-before-seen photos, videos, revealing stories and more, tune into Centric’s “BEING” this Saturday at 10pm/9pm ET/CT.

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