SCHOOL OF MUSICRecently I was listening to some songs I received from some young artistes and I really felt that these songs have the potential to go farther, reach more people and make more impact than it has done. I even listened to two songs of this Abuja based artiste and everytime I listened to those songs, I am convinced that this song has everything it takes to go viral. I recently sent one of the songs to a friend and he told me that the song has been on repeat ever since, he asked me for the name of the artiste so he could get more of his songs.

You see erhn, one of the saddest things I have seen, observed or noticed with gospel artistes especially the young ones, is the rush to drop new songs. They are in a hurry to abandon the old songs they have released and start planning and pursuing the release of a new song. Some of these songs they have abandoned and rush off to drop new songs actually hold the key to their breakthrough but because they don’t have understanding of how to recognize potentials in a song, they rush off and abandon their blessing in pursuit of another.

One of the most deadly statements i often hear is that an artiste can not tell the song that will blow them. That statement is born out of deep ignorance and limitation of mind. I teach people how to create hit songs and how to recognize potential hits. Every artiste deserve to have this knowledge. Don’t let somebody’s ignorance set a limitation in your mind. You can know your Hit songs before they are even recorded, you can recognize a potential Hit song after it has been recorded. All you need is knowledge. It is not rocket science actually. The reason you abandon your songs with great potential to blow you is because you dont know how much of a blessing is hidden in those songs.

The question I always ask you young artistes is this, if you knew that the song song you released last two years has everything it takes to blow and go viral, will you abandon it and start recording a song to release without investing everything to promote the first song? The answer is always No. If you knew it will blow, you will invest every kobo you have in it.

Jesus said, the kingdom of God is like a man who find treasure in a piece of land, he goes and sold everything he has and come back and purchase that land so that you will harvest all the treasure in that land.

It is not lack of money that made you not to blow, you simply don’t believe in the songs you have, you have not become intentional yet, you are still doing trial and error with your career because you have been fed junks as knowledge. People telling you that your blowing is only by chance. It is a Lie, i say it is a Lie, you can take control of your career and blow intentionally. That little money you have been using to record plenty new songs is enough to blow that one song with potential. All you need is discover that one song that will make the difference and invest your all into it.

I know you think that releasing new songs every month or bi-monthly shows that you are consistent. Have you thought of the other side of consistency? On the flip side, consistency could be you investing everything into promoting one good song consistently. It could be you going back to remake that old song you released two years ago and refine it to fit today’s sound and standard, it could be shooting a new video for that old song you released years back with a poor video, it could be you taking the old song to a new radio and tv station for airplay. Consistency is not about releasing 10 songs in one year and never promoting anyone long enough to reach her full potential.

Some songs will need consistent push for a while before they pick and blow. I once heard that Timaya’s first album was in Alaba Int’l for about two years after its release before it blew. I also heard that Style Plus first album was in Alaba for over a year before it blew. No time to explain why that happened on this post but just imagine if these guys have abandoned those albums and rush off to produce new ones? Some of you reading this post now already have 2,3,4,5 albums that only you, your family and church members have listened to. That’s an abuse of consistency. Think of those other side of consistency, staying put on one project, giving it all that you have and consistently push till it reaches her full potential.

Amachree Ikijana Alex (AIA)

Celebrity Music Coach

Music Content, Influence and Business Coach.

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