President Buhari Promises Partnership With U.N.


Nigeria Federal Government has Laid their pledge to work with member states of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to promote human health and ensure general well-being of the citizens.

Assembling his pledge, Major General President Muhammadu Buhari also proclaims that the country would continue to collaborate and be in good terms with the World Health Organization (WHO).

The President made his pledges as he presented Nigeria’s national statement on the first day of the 75th Session of the UN General Assembly Debate, via a video message.

Although, Right after the President’s presentation, Gani Lawal who is the former ambassador and President of the Association of Foreign Relations Professionals of Nigeria, said the pledges might not be fulfilled as was the case in the past.

The theme of this year’s General Assembly is ‘The Future We Want, The United Nations We Need: Reaffirming Our Collective Commitment to Multilateralism- Confronting Coronavirus Through Effective Multilateral Action. ’

President Buhari stated, ‘’As we reflect on the future we want and the United Nations we need, we must realize that the people of the world not only look up to us, they count on us.

‘’We expect that these ambitious initiatives will deliver sustainable economic growth and development to Nigeria,’’ he said.


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