New Music: Aanu ni mo bere By Falola Samson Dat |@OfficialDat19

Falola Samson, popularly known as DAT drops his debut single titled “Aanu”; a  song of plea requesting for God’s mercy in all endeavors.
“Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not” (2nd Corinthians 4:1).
In this song, DAT preaches that we need mercy not only when we have sinned against God, but in our daily life endeavors. We need His mercy in our career, marriage, ministry amongst others.
Falola Samson (D.A.T) is a minstrel who is passionate about the things of God, a worshipper with a difference. He is a former Music Director of one the largest campus fellowships, the Redeemed Christian Fellowship (RCF Olabisi Onabanjo University), he combines unction with dexterity to compose a powerful musical message of mercy that will never be out of season.
Aanu ni mo bere,mo bere,mo bere
Aanu ni mo bere
Wa s’aanu fun mi (2x)
Sebi wo lo saanu,f’hannah ni Shiloh
Aanu ni o bere
Oso Hannah d’olomo
Sebi so lo saanu,fun Jabezi
Otosi aye
Aanu ni o bere, owa s’owon re di pupo.
Aanu ni mo bere, mo bere, mo bere
Aanu ni mo bere, wa s’aanu Funmi
Saanu aye Mi
Saanu aye Mi o
Saanu aye Mi
Wa se’yanu laye Mi
Aanu ni mo bere, mo bere, mo bere,
Aanu ni mo bere, wa s’ aanu funmi.
Awa n’bere fun aanu
Aanu to lo bi epe eti okun o
Aanu to te re re bi omi oju okun o
S’aanu fun wa,
Jesu s’ aanu fun wa o
Oluwa s’ agan d’olomo
Ori buruku o,so won d’olori ire
Ki gbogbo ikolo wa,ko pada wale.
Lori ile ede wa o 
Jesu s’ aanu fun wa o.


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