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Media Room Hub presents Nathaniel Bassey and his wife Sarah Bassey as the cover of their July 2017 edition yesterday July 13 2017.

Nathaniel Bassey who is a Nigerian Gospel Music artiste, has come a long way from just being a Nigerian Gospel music minister to a man set apart to fulfill purpose.

He started off with the first challenge known as the #OneHourTongueChallenge which involved the body of Christ as a whole praying in tongues for an hour.

The challenge which took place in-between the month of April and May led to yet another challenge tagged the; #OneHourHalleluyahChallenge. This began on Thursday 1st June 2017.

The  #OneHourHalleluyahChallenge’ as he termed it was coined as ‘The season ofSUDDENLYS AND IMMEDIATELYS.

The challenge involved taking time to sing songs of Praise and Worship to God for one hour every midnight throughout the month of June

This challenge went viral all over the nation and in other parts of the world. During the course of the month, on the 12th of June 2017, the Instagram live session was said to have hit 50,000 viewers.

Testimonies tripled daily and on Thursday, 14th June 2017, the #OneHourHalleluyahChallenge featured on ‘CNN African voices today‘.

The challenge came to a close with the Halleluyah Festival on Wednesday 28th July 2017. But just before the festival came to an end, Nathaniel Bassey took some time out to celebrate his beautiful wife; Sarah Bassey. He began by expressing how she treats him like a baby.

“I was in Dallas a few days ago, and then I flew into Lagos. Before she could say “honey welcome”, I was packing and moving again to London.

One of those days she cried. Well, not in a bad way. You see, she always treats me like a baby

When she cries and I try to console her, she would say; “I am not crying for myself, i’m pitying you”. Then she will say “You are working too hard.”

Sometimes when I am praying at night, she would wake up from the bed and ask me “Don’t you sleep”?

Nathaniel Bassey revealed how his wife is very handy, as she takes time to fix things in their home, adding on a lighter note that when she cooks for him, his anointing doubles.

He then announced to those who are patiently waiting for his marriage to break, that “they will wait tire”. He used his father in the Lord; Pastor E Adeboye as an example indicating that his union with mummy G.O is drawing close to 50 years.

“She takes care of my children. Listen, do you know that anything that has to be fixed in the house, she does it? She fixes the TV, and does everything.

When we have a new toy, she would read the manual because me, i’m not a manual person, I don’t even have time. She is very faithful

When she cooks for me, my anointing is on another level. And let me announce to those that have any plans, this woman is enough for me.

They say that musicians and celebrities divorce, well, you will wait and you will tire, because my Father in the Lord, Pastor E Adeboye is celebrating close to 50 years and a parrot does not give birth to a monkey.”

Despite the fact that the #OneHourHalleluyahChallenge has come to an end, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey has continued to encourage and inspire many accross the land through deep and inspiring messages on his Instagram page.

Last Friday July 7 2017, the man of God chose to share his plans for the next couple of weeks, revealing that he would be waking up by 4:45 daily to listen to a couple of worship songs, and then pray in the spirit between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

“And from time to time if you feel led to do your mid night praise, ride on!
And look out for some LIVE broadcasts as well. This should last the whole of this month.
Let’s enjoy this amazing God.”

Although he indicated that it is not a challenge, many expressed their excitement and were ready to go on the journey with Pastor Nathaniel.

Thereby proving that there are souls out there, who are hungry and thirsty for more of God, and seeking ways to reach God. Many are struggling and seeking answers.

Pastor Nathaniel has taken this as a mission as he once stated; “I’m constantly looking for ways to inspire and be inspired.

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Nathaniel Bassey’s ministry is one which is rare and unique. Apart from releasing anointed and powerful songs, he has continued to make impact in the lives of many through his lifestyle, and also by creating ways in which the body of Christ can grow together as one.

We know that there is no stopping for Nathaniel Bassey, as he continues to reach out to lost souls, creating mediums through the help of God to bring men and women closer to God.


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