SCHOOL OF MUSICIn 2015, I was working as the Editor for #TWCmagazine, a gospel entertainment and lifestyle magazine. We created a music page in that magazine and we needed someone who is an authority in music to handle that page. I reached out to Coach Tummy Tush and asked him to send me some music articles for publication in our magazine. I knew him as an authority in music, I was following and reading his music articles so I was very sure he would deliver.

He sent me about six articles and we have them published in two editions of the magazine that I produced as the Editor then.

Four years later I appeared on the scene as your favorite Celebrity Music Coach and started writing and teaching music. I came with a different kind of spirit and fire. I was like the voice of one crying in the wilderness shouting Blow Blow Blow all the time, telling you why you must blow and be famous. It was not a regular message, some people called me names that I am carnal and misleading people but those who I am sent to still heard my voice.

In the same year, the first person that Endorsed me was Coach Tummy Tush. He endorsed me publicly with a post he wrote to appreciate and thank me for my contribution to the gospel music industry acknowledging that my articles are master class material. Few months later he made another post to appreciate and thank me for what I was doing in the gospel music industry. He even went further to recommend me to many gospel artistes who came and paid for my coaching classes, (I know I am yet to give him tithe sha😁) and he literally shared his huge audience with me.

I remember when I was teaching a series on “Effective music promotion strategy” on my timeline, Coach Tummy Tush made a post on his wall and asked every serious minded gospel artistes to come to my page and read up all my articles on music promotion. That day I had loads of friend request and many are still family till date. The most humbling of all was when Coach Tummy Tush was working on his album and he reached out to me to discuss it and we had a few deep conversation on the project. Kai! I fear and respect Tummy Tush sha..

This is what it means to raise and support the younger people in your industry, career and ministry.

This is why I can’t understand why some of these our top gospel artistes instead of helping and supporting the younger artistes grow, they are busy telling you that you don’t need to be FAMOUS.

Listen to me, anyone who says you don’t need to be famous is actually deceiving you and do not want you to grow. Fame and Money are rewards for quality and valuable services rendered. It is a natural reward and so as long as you do the right thing, giving quality and valuable content in music, you MUST definitely be famous whether you like it or not.

The person telling you that you don’t need Fame is himself famous oooo. He said Fame has not helped anybody but Fame has helped him immensely. He is there enjoying the privileges of fame in his personal life and ministry and yet they are telling you that you don’t need fame that all you need is to focus on the call or ministry.

Dear mr focus, why did you work hard to blow your own? You could have stayed obscure focusing on ministry na?.

Do not be deceived, You need Fame. Yes you do. Fame is not our motivation neither is it our goal but whatever your motivation and goal is, Fame will make you get it fast and better. If your goal is to win more soul, reach more people for Christ, FAME will give you a great leverage.

Prepare yourself for Fame. If the fame didn’t take them away from Christ, it won’t take you away either. The same God that is sustaining them will sustain you too.

All this talk and advice they give you against Fame and Blowing is simply because they do not want you to grow. This is why most of them are not raising anybody to succeed them.

Some of these top gospel artistes, 90% of their backup singers are also recording artistes but you will never see them post and promote those backup singers songs on their own platforms. They want to be the only ones enjoying the fame and the privileges that comes with it. Then they keep deceiving you with some vain spiritual talk that you don’t need Fame.

Dear top gospel artiste, use your platform to promote the younger ones to blow too and stop deceiving them that they don’t need Fame because they do and they will Blow too so deal with it.

Don’t Just wish to be Famous, DESIRE it earnestly because you need it. Unless you enjoy suffering and struggling. You need to Blow. Yes Blow. You need that influence for your ministry. Once you are famous, your songs and message will travel easily, it will travel far and it will bless more lives.

Please DO NOT COPY. kindly SHARE if you must, unless you want me to make you famous by force😁😁

Amachree Ikijana Alex

Celebrity Music Coach.

Music Content, Influence and Business Coach

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