[Audio] Hallelujah By Joshua Mathew

Hallelujah By Joshua Mathew

An inspiring Worship Leader whose hunger and thirst for the things of God is matchless. Joshua Mathew believes in receiving song inspiration from God and putting it on record to bless the lives of listeners. He currently lives in Abuja Nigeria and he is an intense writer of songs, spirit filled worshipper and devout speaker of the word of God.

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Lyrics: Joshua Mathew – Hallelujah

1. I can’t help
But tell the world
Of your greatness
You are great and mighty
You’re so awesome
Doing wonders everywhere and all the time
There is none like you in heaven and on earth
You’re the same everyday
You’ll never change

Chorus- Ha- Hallelujah
Ha- Hallelujah
You’ll never change
You remain the same.

2. Your works will always speak of you
Creatures all declare your praise
The angels they proclaim
You’re great
Your beauty covers all the earth
Your mercy immeasurable
Your grace is all sufficient
To you be glory and honour
You reign now and forevermore..

Chorus.. Ha-Hallelujah
You’ll never change
You remain the same..


Connect With Joshua Mathew

Instagram & Twitter: @sirjosh4real

Facebook: Joshua Mathew


GSM: 08068956689

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