Fulani herdsmen attack: Kill them when they come for you, stop eating cow meat

The Senior Pastor of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries, Chris Okafor has called on Christians across the country to defend themselves against the attacks of marauding Fulani herdsmen.

This is coming at a time several lives have been lost to attacks by Fulani herdsmen across the country.

In a video that has gone viral online, the clergyman said for each Christian killed henceforth, there will be reprisal attack.

According to Okafor, “The prophetic destiny of the bond-woman, this one shall be a violent person and his hand shall be against everyone, so you don’t have to look for their trouble.

“By nature and their prophetic destiny is that their hand will be against everyone that is why they can slaughter human being and doesn’t look like anything to them.

“You see some barbaric video of them killing people and laughing when a normal human being cannot even slaughter a chicken.

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“If a thief comes to your house to rob you rape your wife and you have a means of killing the thief, kill him before he kills you.

“Why were the apostles carrying sword about? Because they have been persecuted.

“We don’t look for people to kill but if you try to kill us we will defend ourselves

“Enough is enough, no Christian must be killed anymore, if you want to kill us we will defend ourselves. If you kill one Christian we are going to reply, we will defend ourselves.

“Jesus died for this gospel, we are ready to die too.

“Since they value the life of cow more than my life and yours then stop eating cow, don’t eat cow meat anymore.”

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