Erujeje By Bendodo Oche

Bendodo Oche Singer, Songwriter and On-Air Personality, Bendodo Oche has released a powerful new single titled – Erujeje (The God that answers by fire).

He shared the testimony behind the new single:

“So there I was at midnight, thinking about a lot of things and of course asking the question “why”. Tears rolling down my eyes and right there I hear the words “I cannot fail. I am the One that closed the mouth of lions when Daniel was in their den. I am the God that parted the Red sea. I cannot fail”

“Those were the most reassuring words I ever heard and – BOOM! a song was born because I knew I had to pass the same message to millions of people around the world who are tired of their situation and are at the verge of giving up.

“So to everyone going through something that has caused or is causing pain and endless tears. You feel rejected and dejected, shame seems to have covered your glory and it looks like God has forgotten you. I have got news for you, God can never fail. He can never change, He is Good personified and He wants to give you everything good. Keep your focus on Him, do not loose your praise and your faith. He will surely answer by fire. If He could close the mouth of lions for Daniel, part the red sea for Moses, open the prison for Peter, make the sun stand still for Joshua, put a baby in Sarah’s arm, raise Lazarus from the dead, then permit me to say “your case is too infinitesimal”. Your miracle is on the way. ERUJEJE has got you in His hands. I await your testimony. He will surely answer by fire.



Twitter: @Bendodo_Oche
Instagram: @Bendodo85
Facebook: Benododo Oche

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