Dress for God: Diana Hopeson to gospel artistes

Songstress Diana Hopeson has advised gospel artistes to be mindful of their evangelistic duties and be attired in a manner that fits their role.

She said gospel musicians, as messengers bearing the gospel of Christ, needed to be dressed in a manner that would deflect attention from themselves unto the word of God in order to achieve their mission of salvation for those they minister to.

Mrs Hopeson said these in an interview on Accra100.5FM’s Gospel 360 show on Sunday May 15, 2016. Asked by host Andy Favoured what contemporary gospel artistes needed to do to get things right, Mrs Hopeson said: “It begins with the way we dress. We are ministering gospel music,

so, costume is important. If you are singing and dancing, you must dress in a way that when you raise your hand or feet, it does not reveal sensitive body parts.”

“Also, as a gospel musician, it must not draw attention unto yourself because if we are before people, we would want to turn people’s minds towards God. So, whatever you wear must draw the person’s mind towards God.”

The 1993 ECRAG Best Gospel Song award winner further counselled her colleague gospel artistes to “wait on God to give you a definite message before you proceed to bring out an album”, since the songs they piece together are intended as a “message to the world”.

“So, if you do not exercise the patience to await His direction, you cannot communicate anything with your song. Thus, it is necessary that God uses you as a vehicle for the song. The song must have a message, so, when that happens, the song goes far, it becomes a hit,” she further advised, adding that the world was awaiting the voice of God “and it is the duty of gospel to play roles in furtherance of that”.

Mrs Hopeson, previously known by the stage name Diana Akiwumi, hit the limelight in 1993 with the hit song ‘Winner’ which, aside from earning her the ECRAG award, received international acclaim, with Evangelist Billy Graham recommending the track to his satellite network. Some of her other songs include ‘If Jesus Says Yes’ and ‘Darling Jesus’. She has served as the president of the Musicians Union of Ghana and is currently on the board of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO).

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