Deadly Storm Hits Across France And Italy.

Deadly Storms, Italy.

A Deadly storm hits Southern France and Northern Italy on Saturday causing serious damages to the roads and bridges including claiming lives and many feared missing.

On Report, two people died and 30 others were missing, also thousands are left without power supply.

Heavy rain of up to 50 centimetres (20 inches) and high winds struck into the border area between the two countries.

On Thursday, the Storm raced into France’s west coast which brought powerful winds and rain across the country before moving into Italy.

More regions across the north suffered an attack in every nook and cranny area on Saturday.

Also, Switzerland was crushed with record rainfall and powerful gusts in some areas, resulting to a total close of roads and mountains.

A volunteer firefighter died in Italy’s Aosta Valley and a man was killed after his car was washed away in the river Sesia, about 100 kilometres (60 miles) far east.

It was recorded that eight people went missing around the French city of Nice and 22 more in Italian border areas.

Stacks of firefighters were trying to make it to one Italian village by train after the road was flooded.

In France, the army and hundreds of rescuers have been placed to search for the missing as well as using helicopters to bring aid and evacuate people where possible.

But rescue efforts have been obstructed after sections of roads collapsed.

“You can also see a few houses that are perched above the void because the riverbed has washed away the road,” a fire brigade spokesman said.

“There must be one room left in my house,” said a 29-year-old woman named Jennyfer from Roquebilliere in the southern Alps who returned to her chalet near the Vesubie river on Saturday after being evacuated the day before.

“I lost everything but we are alive,” she said after discovering what remained of her accommodation owned by her employer, electricity company EDF.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex, who inspected the damage around Nice by helicopter, said there were eight people officially set aside went missing also a great number of them who were out of reach.

“I do not hide from you our deep concern about the final outcome of this episode,” he said, adding that the government had triggered its emergency plan for handling natural disasters.

“The situation is catastrophic in some communes,” regional lawmaker Eric Ciotti told AFP.

Such storms on record have occurred in recent years.



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