RCCG PRAYER AND FASTINGPERSONAL DAILY CONFESSION: I confess today, the king of kings is alive inside of me causing me to live a fulfilling life to the glory of His name. I am a victor, I am set free, I am never a victim of any circumstance in Jesus name amen.

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Almighty God, I exalt Your majesty for who You are to me

I am that I am, thank You for this awesome day and grace of life

I decree upon my life and family no depression will have a hold upon us in Jesus’ name

I cancel every anxiety that has kept my life under evil siege in Jesus’ name

I decree every power working to turn my joy to sorrow is totally negated, in Jesus’ name

I decree into every spiritual ordinance raised against my life and livelihood an end comes to them in Jesus’ name

I decree concerning my life and that of my household it will not be cut short suddenly by known or unknown force in Jesus’ name

I decree concerning I and my household everything work together for our good in Jesus’ name

I am for God, I will remain in the Lord. The devil is not my master and I have no business with him. Therefore, I ask for grace to live righteous in Jesus’ name

Lord Almighty, bless your son, Pastor E.A.Adeboye; renew his strength, power and anointing, in Jesus’ name.

Dear Holy Spirit, thank You for all the testimonies on this platform, please continue to inspire the intercessory team for more prophetic declarations on this platform, in Jesus’ name

Somebody shout Hallelujah!


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