Brain wash!!! Prophet prays for recharge card from Heaven into members phones [Photo]

Hilarious! Lusaka Prophet prays for airtime from heaven to fall into the phones of his members.

Malawi news is reporting through their official twitter of a prominent prophet in the region that is currently making rounds for all the wrong reasons.

According to the media giants, this happened yesterday in Mwebantu. This flambouyant Lusaka-Based Clergyman Prophet Anointed Bernard, who is also known by his congregants as ‘Commander 1’ wanted to show his member just how powerful God is. According to eye-witness reports, the ‘prophet’ then asked his member to bring out their phones and asked God to credit them.

See Photo Below:

Wonders, truly, shall never end!

Is this really what the Christians today have reduced the almighty God to? A mere magical spectacle!

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