[Audio + Video] F.O.J Drops “Changing Level” And “Wings Of Praise”

Gospel singer and multi talented  artist, AFEKPOR Efosa Jeremiah aka F.O.J. (Friend Of Jesus) is out with two (2) great singles titled “Changing Level” and a video to his debut single “Wings of Praise”.

According to the singer, “Changing Level” is an up tempo gospel song that expresses deepest joy, hope and victory that we hav in Jesus Christ.

The track is a follow-up to his debut single, “Wings of Praise” (a melodious song of worship that gives hope to the burdened soul) published in December 2019.

“Changing Level’ and “Wings of Praise” were written and composed by F.O.J. and were  produced by Fifi Finder while the video of Wings of Praise was shot and directed by Sir BOJ of Gold Springs Productions.

F.O.J. (Friend Of Jesus) is a multi talented personality/Banker and holds a Master’s degree in French Translation. He is happily married and blessed with two children

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Changing Level – Lyrics

Verse 1
If you see me on my way to the mountain top, you better run follow me quick or you no go see me again because great and mighty is the hand that lifted me up; he that lifted me up will never let me down * 2

Chorus 1:
I am changing level today

I am changing level to higher higher

Level 1, level 2, level 3, infinity oh, I’m changing level today. *2

If God were to consult man to make Esther Queen, they for say , Esther, you be fine girl, no pimples, but sorry, you no sabi speak good English oh,
And no forgot say Vashiti, she dey watch oh

If God were to consult man to make Joseph Prime Minister, they for say , Joseph, you sabi dream well well oh, but sorry, you no get an for experience oh,
And no forgot say na slave you be oh


If God were to consult man to make Daniel President, they for say , Daniel, you no book well well oh, but sorry, no be book matter them dey talk for here oh,
And no forgot say you no belong oh.

If God were to consult man to make David King, they for say , David, you kill Lion, kill Goliath, but sorry, you no get am for certificate oh
And no forgot say na malu mallam you be oh.


(Repeat kpatakpata chorus )

Tire me oh * 4

Poverty tire me oh

Barrenness tire me oh

No promotion tire me oh

No husband tire me oh

Sicky Sicky tire me oh

Sinny Sinny tire me oh

Kata kata tire me



Connect with FOJ

FOJ Jeremiah (YouTube)

Fifi Finder studio
Contact: +229 66 42 43 86


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