[Audio] Purissima By Fr. Gabriel Okeke

Purissima By Fr. Gabriel OkekeGospel Minister, songwriter and Reverend, Fr. Gabriel Okeke releases another great song titled “Purissima” also known as Blessed Mother (Nne m oma in Igbo Language)

Speaking about the song, he said:
The song celebrates the motherhood and gracefulness of Mary as both the Mother of God and our Mother.

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Lyrics: Purissima By Fr. Gabriel Okeke

1. In the whole universe
there’s no other woman
who could be likened to you Mama
Nne m oma

In the whole human race
there’s no other human
who is full of grace Mama
Nne m oma

Give her the honor
God’s own Mother
God has got none other Mama


Nne m oma
Nye Ya ugwu diiri Ya
Ezenwanyi Nne muru Chukwu
Odighi ihe nyiri ya omume
Nne m oma

Oh Nne m oma 3x

2. In this world of tears
There are so many fears
But with you we will win Mama
Nne m oma

That’s why in Genesis
God made the promise
That you’ll smash the serpent’s head
Nne m oma

Shield your children
From all demons
Seeking to ruin us

Take your children
Nearer Jesus
Let Him bless us Mama
Nne m oma

Nye ya ugwu diri ya…..

The End .

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