[Audio + Lyrics] “He Reigns” By Blessing Dimkpa

Us based Nigerian Gospel singer and songwriter Blessing Dimkpa is back with a powerful new single “He Reigns” Produced By EChris.

It’s an established fact that God is the maker and ruler of the universe, no power can contest that Fact. Our God reigns all over the earth, that’s the reason why we are above whatever the devil is and plans for us.

This song “He Reigns” is a song of praise to God almighty, for he reigns all over the earth no matter the situation.

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HE REIGNS By Blessing Dimkpa Lyrics

All power in heaven, belongs to my God.

All power on earth, belongs to Jesus .

All power beneath, belongs to my God.

For He reigns, He rules, He reigns


He reigneeeeeh eh ehs

All over the world, He reigns.

He rule uuhuuhuuhuuhuuhs

All over the world, He reigns


Do you have a Father? Oh yeah

Jesus is your Father…., Oh yeah

Do you have a Father? Oh yeah

Reliable Father…., Oh yeah .


He reigneeh eh.. All over the world

(He reigns )

He ruleuuuh uh.. All over the world

(He reigns)

Yahweh my Father,

Yahweh my King

Jehovah Nissi ,, You are the light of the world

My keeper,

My Helper

My Saviour, He reigns.

I never see this kind God before,

He walk upon the sea.

And rise the death,, Power God.

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