A New King By Ceejay

CeejayA New King is a song received by a young prophetic psalmist, Christopher Ikiebe Jnr (aka Ceejay) on the 22nd of December 2018. Ceejay’s mum came home from work shortly before his 6th birthday, he ran down the stairs telling his mum that he saw Jesus and angels but was not very coherent of his dream but said he received a song, as he started to sing the song, his mum brought out her phone to record the song. Ceejay sang the lyrics, sound and rhythm.

His mum was led by the Holy Spirit to take him to Holy Ghost studio owned by Testimony Joe to record the song. Even through the recording, the power of God was tangible as he sang this song. The second stanza of the song was written by his mum and Ceejay grasped it immediately and sang it so well. Ceejay has from childhood been a lover of music. He would sing even in other languages, songs he heard in his mum’s car.

In 2013, he travelled on his first missions at the age of 10 months to Kenya and attended all the crusades held in the nation. He is a worshipper that enjoys lifting up his hands to praise God. This song came after the monthly Wind of change night vigil held in December 2018, a minister noticed so much fire surrounding him as he played the conga drums and called other ministers to pray for him.

Shortly after he had the revelation that led to this song, A New King. Ceejay has on many occasion been used by God in dreams to tell his family what God is saying including averting danger or to increase prayers. He loves to dance, model and currently had clips of Ceejay’s dance moves on his YouTube channel.

Download, be blessed and kindly share.

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Instagram: @Officialcee_jayy
Twitter: @OfficialCee2
Facebook: Ceejay Ikiebe
Youtube: The Official Ceejay

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