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Why should i remove Gospel from my name? Mike Abdul challenges

Why should i remove Gospel from my name ? They say Gospel is a tag. I like the tag.
When I’m called Gospel Artist, does it not mean I’m identified with things that are of GOD ?
I’m not fighting it.

Apparently, the Spaghetti Records boss was speaking to persons who think he is going to far with the gospel thing and may be it is time he switched to something less gospel and gain more audience and entrance in to the mainstream music industry. Its no more news that one of the challenges gospel artistes face is that perceived limitation placed of them by the secular and corporate world because of the term ”Gospel”. As a gospel artist,when you become a successful and popular, it takes more than being a christian to stay gospel. The temptation to cross over becomes even more overwhelming. It is harder to stay on top than climbing to the top. Now you understand what Mike is saying.  Keep them in your prayers.


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