Pop Star Ciara Teaches 1-Year-Old Son About Jesus


ciara-son-nyc_0_oCiara, American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress,fashion model and Grammy Award winner has spoken out recently about teaching her 15-month-old son, Future, to praise Jesus. Rnb singer Ciara was in Lagos for the 3rd edition of the just concluded Love like a movie concert hosted by Darey, Ciara

Ciara, who shares her son with former boyfriend Future, a rapper, says her son is going through a developmental stage in which he repeats everything he hears. “The other day we were saying, ‘Thank you, Jesus’ and I would say, ‘Say, thank you!’ And he would say, ‘Tank you!’ I’d say, ‘Je-sus’ and he’d say, ‘Yee-yus,'” the singer told People about her son. “It is so sweet!”

“He’s like a parrot now. He’s in the parrot stage so he [copies] everything you say— which you have to be careful with!” she told People.

Ciara is not known to publicly discuss her faith. However, she`s occasionally tweeting Bible verses. For example, she tweeted, “Write the Vision, Make it Plain, Habakkuk 2:2” along with tweeting Bible verses, Ciara has also talked about her son being a gift from God. The singer confesses that having a child isn’t always a walk in the park, she spoke about the importance of finding a balance in life to enjoy being a parent.


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