Pastor Khaboe gets full house at book launch


The launch that began at 9am, a little under an hour and later than expected, was worth the wait as it proved to be a day of prayer, worship, word impartation, gifts sharing and fellowship.

The dining area of the popular hotel was full to capacity as it proved difficult to manoeuvre around.

As special guests, pastors and members of various denominations poured in, ushers were waiting readily to direct them to their designated places. Special guests such as church leaders at Eagles Wings Ministries in Mbabane, Pastor Charles Samunenge and his wife, the Manzini branch Eagles Wings leader, Pastor Mduduzi Sibandze and his wife as well the charismatic Reverend AJ Lukhele, were all seated at the reserved dining tables.

Musician and gospel artist Eunice, who has recently worked as a back-up artist for American jazz singer Anita Beamon- Freeman, was the guest musician on the day.

Other men and women of God from various denominations could not be left out on this day of celebration, as they came in their numbers to support and honour the lady of the moment.

Eunice adds sparkle with melodic voice
MUSICIAN and gospel artist Eunice who many may remember as a backup singer for American jazz artist Anita Beamon- Freeman, added sparkle on the day with her powerful melodic voice and stage presence.
After a prayer was conducted she descended on stage and performed her first song, ‘Malibongwe’ in which she was joined by all guests and attendees, creating a church service mood, setting the tone for the greater part of the morning. She followed this song with the song ‘Jesus I Love You’. Other songs delivered by the songstress with command and authority on the stage were, ‘Angikaze Ngayibona’, ‘Ungumhlekazi Jesu’, ‘Jehovah is Your name’ causing the audience in some instances to give her a standing ovation.
Everyone has a purpose to fulfill – Pastor  Samunenge
ON another note, Pastor Charles Samunenge, founding leader of the Eagles Wings Ministries, said in his speech that everyone comes into this world with a purpose to fulfil.
“God will give you a promise then you will go through a process and most people give up while going through this process. You need to understand your time and season. We only have a short time on earth and like a seed planted into the earth, we too go through a process,” said Samunenga.
Rev. Lukhele calls for support of local content
REV AJ Lukhele said he was inspired by many local writers such as Pastor Mzwandile Fakudze who wrote the book, ‘A Season of Abundance.’
 Lukhele urged Swazis  to support material of local content.
He went on to congratulate the author for her current book and added that the colours utilised in the book’s cover signified wealth, power and abundance.
“God has brought you into a season of power, wealth and authority,” said Rev Lukhele to Pastor Khabo.
He added that the pastor was known to him to be such a hard working woman and jokingly added that if she was a white lady, her surname would be ‘Rush’, as everything she does is done hurriedly.
“A library without this book would be lacking,” concluded the reverend.
Before the end of the launch, more than 50 people had lined up to purchase a copy on the spot, for the starting price of E80 and had theirs signed by the author. The book would thereafter be available at a higher price at outlets such as Mgavuza in Mbabane.
Guests honour the author
INVITED guests honoured the pastor and many highlighted that the author of the book ‘Being Relevant in a Season’, was a woman of character and substance.
Many said she was as a hard working woman of faith. Pastor Mduduzi Sibandze of Eagles Wings in Manzini was the first up to state that such a person of character and trustworthiness was she that she would often report to her church before embarking on any assignment anywhere.
“Pastor Khaboe is not one to just disappear and always reports where she will be speaking next, to her church.
 I know her as one never to miss church prayers, a genuine woman who has the right spirit,” said Pastor Sibandze. “Whether she will be preaching on VOC or in Malelane, she reports and is a woman of her word.
He added that many people often preach for the love of money but not Dlamini.
Sibandze went on to state that for everything in life, there is a season and explained that people often missed their purpose in life from failure to act accordingly in the right season.
“This book will help you navigate and you will stop to absorb the content as God will empower you with truths,” said the pastor.
The man of God jokingly made an example of a pregnant woman who when in labour does not rush to the supermarket but will opt for a hospital instead, much to the amusement of the crowd.
Pastor Khaboe’s husband, Pastor Dlamini, was the next speaker to congratulate his wife and said this was a cumbersome job for a woman to do.
Having grown up and anointed under the leadership of Apostle Jeremiah Dlamini, the husband to the lady of the moment said a lot of hard work had been placed into making this work a success and all praises were to be directed to God.
“This is not a day to make ourselves celebrities, but is one to give glory to God in our lives. It is not about the Dlamini family,” he said. “In everything you are doing in life, always ask if it is indeed backed up by God,” he closed.
Pastor Khabo sings, thanks supporters
AS the woman of God took to the pulp, it it was clear that preaching and writing are not the only gifts bestowed upon her, but the gift of singing became evident as she began her speech in praise and worship.
“Yebo Nkosi yami ngiyakuthanda”, she sang as she was accompanied by those who knew the song. This was followed by her words of appreciation to everyone.
“I would like to thank God and my husband, Babe Dlamini. The main purpose of this day as my husband has said is to say, ‘Come and see what God has done’,” said. “We thank God for everything and we shall soon be releasing a CD,” she said. After thanking her husband for his support, patience and true leadership, she also thanked her parents and in-laws, relatives, the Manana family members from South Africa, her three children, including Thandeka, her oldest daughter, who had designed the book cover and prepared the dining area interior decorations.  Her speech was concluded through showing appreciation for her pastors at Eagles Wings Ministries in Manzini and Mbabane, Pastors Mduduzi Sibandze and Pastor Charles Samunenge, who she said were pillars of inspiration in her life. After a presentation of gifts by Pastor Dlamini to the special guests and pastors, the event was over.
Birthday surprise!
 Pastor Khaboe Dlamini was caught by surprise as members of her congregation brought to her a beautifully decorated cream birthday cake.
Dlamini’s birthday coincidentally fell on the same date as the book launch. She was thankful for the gift as the brethren sang ‘Happy birthday’ as she celebrated 50 years.


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