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Agu Smith Chukwuebuka has skillfully combined both in his brand new release ‘My Everything’ which shows immense appreciation for so much God has chosen to do and be to us as God lovers. It is not a very common occurrence to see folks absolutely sold out to God in recognition of the beauty of God. It is even more rare to see gospel artists soulfully express their deep love for God in their craft. He reminds us that God sees only the absolute best in us and that every living soul is made whole by the knowledge that God is our everything.

Agu Smith Chukwuebuka, born on the 21st day of January, 1988 in Enugu, Nigeria is a worshipper, songwriter and exceptional cinematographer. He is the fourth child in a family of five and had a turbulent childhood before he decided to know God for himself. That marked the beginning of an exciting journey that has continued to shape his life for the best.

He has a music style that is inspired by the duo of Travis Greene and J. Moss and has attributed his boundless creativity to the amazing impact that Nathaniel Bassey and Timi Dakolo has instilled in him over time. My Everything by Agu Smith Chukwuebuka is just about everything that you can ever hope to enjoy in gospel music.

Our deep worship for God is not just an act of obedience but also a recognition of the grace of God. A worshipper is a winner and every winner is a force to be reckoned with. Agu Smith Chukwuebuka has taken the liberty to remind us that God is our everything in his new single ‘My Everything.’ He is committed and passionate in his quest to deliberately remind us that God sees the very best in us. My Everything is an affirmation of our appreciation for so much God has chosen to do and be to us as God lovers.

Agu Smith Chukwuebuka, a worshipper, songwriter and cinematographer was born on the 21st day of January, 1988 in Enugu, Nigeria. He was raised in Enugu and relocated to Abuja in December, 2013 against the wishes of his parents. He came to the city almost emptyhanded but God connected him to mentors and value shapers that he remains deeply thankful to. He name-checks Boris Chukwudi Nzogbu and Danjuma Amodu as deep mentors that have helped him to become a world-class cinematographer.

His music style is jointly inspired by Travis Greene, J. Moss, Nathaniel Bassey and Timi Dakolo. The latter’s creativity simply fascinates him and he believes that the weight of Travis Greene’s lyrical lines remains a joy to behold at all times.

My Everything shows immense appreciation for so much God has chosen to do and be to us as God lovers. Indeed, God is all there is and will ever be. God answers even before we call and all that should be done has been done. We are indeed loved and we are fully aware of how lavishly God has chosen to express the abundance of love in us even in our weaknesses. God sees only the absolute best in us and we rejoice even as we personalize the experience. Let every living soul affirm and celebrate for God is My Everything.

Agu Chukwuebuka Gideon known by his stage name Agu Smith Chukwuebuka was born to the family of Mr. Nicholas Sunday Agu and Mrs. Cordelia Agu on the 21st day of January, 1988 in Enugu State. He grew up a church boy and was always teased by his peers for supposedly being too holy.

His music style is greatly inspired by Travis Greene whom he believes has an uncommon lyrical style that connects deeply. J. Moss also excites Agu Smith and he believes that his vocal prowess is the stuff of legends. His others musical influences include Nathaniel Bassey and Timi Dakolo whose creativity simply fascinates him.


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