E’davids shares His Life Story – THAT BARRACK BOY BY @iamedavids


Dear Life,‎
I am that barrack boy that thought luck was not on my side, BUT grace showed up and got me greatness and luck made no more sense to me.

I am that barrack boy that had his family thrown out of their home because my daddy made some investment mistake BUT mercy showed up and gave me a home.

I am that barrack boy that had to live no where to live and had to squat with 6 different families and two friends BUT ‎grace has now given me a home where others can also call theirs.

I am that barrack boy that had nothing his name and no inheritance worthy of talk But mercy has given me a remnant in this land for my children’s children.

I am that barrack boy that waited for cheap attachment seats in night buses to travel out of Lagos BUT grace has given enough finance to travel by air easily.

I am that barrack boy that was laughed at because I was selling groundnuts after school hours for my mum and going to the market as early as 3am every other day to sale bitterleaf for my family, but mercy has given me a chance to sleep as long as I want now.

I am that barrack boy that people called a failure and never saw anything good in BUT grace has made a mentor to people not a few because of the success given by God.

I am that barrack boy that never thought will have a woman in his life BUT grace gave the best wife a man can ask for and two angelic children to be a father to.‎

I am that barrac boy that should have nothing because I had no connections, no wealthy uncle, no rich parent, or Inlaw or great education BUT grace has given so much to be thankful for.‎

Dear life,
I am that E’Davids that was once tagged “Barrack Boy” from Ojo Military Barracks but now has a totally different identity made possible by the Holy Spirit that even those who used to call me barrack boy find it too hard to believe that I am the same person.

I am the Emmanuel Eteng Davids that you are now hearing about, the same E’Davids that you now celebrate, the same barrack boy whose story was changed by a simple decision to follow CHRIST and to love HIM exclusively and serve HIM forevermore and live for HIM with all totality.‎

Dear LIFE (JESUS), thank you so very much for taking my life (hopeless by circumstances) and replacing it with Your LIFE so I can be an example of believers and live a life of grace, glory, mercy, joy, peace, hope, faith, love and happiness.

I am now that barrack boy that has a different story.!
Signed: E’Davids #ThatBarrackBoy


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