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Continued Prayers For Cory Condrey’s Recovery

Gospel radio host  Corey “Coco Brother” Condrey was involved near fatal car accident just weeks ago. He and wife, Joann Rosario-Condrey continue to give updates on social media about his recovery and continue to solicit your prayers and agreement on his speedy healing.  Condrey was on his way to his daughter’s school Christmas program when he was he was hit head on in traffic. Despite the doctor’s assessment, Condrey is declaring #90DayRecovery. Let’s pray with him!

Here is what his wife said:


My husbands fighting spirit truly amazes me! I have yet to hear him complain or have a pity party because of the nearly fatal accident that currently has him in a wheelchair recovering from two broken legs and shattered knee caps… Sometimes life will knock you down. The unexpected will try to break your spirit but the fighter in you has to rise up!!! You may even need help getting back on your feet but the final determination must come from you. #BeStrong #becorageous #TrustGod Cory’s recovery will continue to be miraculous and supernatural because he believes God and is willing to fight for what he believes! So proud of you honey!




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