You Nor Dey Fail By Mishael

MishaelGospel Music Minster and Legal Practitioner, Ossai-Ugbah Mishael simply known as Mishael has released a brand new single titled ”You Nor Dey Fail”.

According to Mishael, ”You Nor Dey Fail” is a song of testimony, which was written way back in 2015, when I remembered what God did for me, all the mercies I didn’t deserve especially the manner at which He saw me through the University years back when I was at the verge of expulsion. It’s a song that testifies to the benevolence of our Lord and to celebrate His never failing character”.

Mishael is a lawyer who has a call in the music ministry to ensure that all Nations come together in Worship and in the knowledge of Christ..

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You nor dey Fail – LYRICS

Verse 1:
I thought about this song then I made n my mind
That I will sing it for you
You are the reason that I live it’s in you I have my being
You’re my everything oh na na na na ye

Na you be the one when dey make me smile
Na you dey my mind, na you
You nor dey fail, you nor dey fail
Baba nor dey fail

Verse 2:
I thought about this song and I made up n my mind
That the whole should hear
God you have been so kind that’s why I’m here to testify
That you have been good

Back to chorus

Bridge : Call: I dey testify

Response : I dey testify

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