[Music] Ye Oluwa By Shola Demo

When faced with challenges, the only one to look up to is God and He certainly comes through for those who call on him as we have the assurance in the book of Isaiah 59:1. This is the inspiration behind Shola Demo’s latest single “Ye Oluwa”.

Shola Demo, born Olusola Ademola in Oyo town, Nigeria is an entrepreneur and musician with a focus on Alternatives and most importantly Gospel music.

He believes that when done right, music is an effective tool to spread the word and heal the world.

Orile Ede wa, Gbe Bible E, Aiku and Don’t forget the heroes his first single which was released under Lakreem Music are some of his songs that are currently available for streaming.

Streaming link:


Ye Oluwa

Iwo sa lolegbami

Moto e wa Oluwa

Dakun ye o

Wa ran mi lowo

Aye Fe fimi seleya

Won reti p’Olorun mida

Owo nla to n gbani

Ase nla to n lani

Dakun ye o


Dakun ye o

Waran mi lowo

Connect with Shola Demo

Instagram & Twitter @Sholademo

Facebook: Shola Demo

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