Who are the best gospel musicians in Africa?

Africa is very famous for its unique music styles. And it is also proud of its best gospel musicians! There is a huge amount of celebrities who sing the words of God on the African continent.

South African gospel musicians
Rebecca Malope

This woman started her career as a gospel singer about 15 years ago. What made her make this choice? Well, she has been singing since her childhood.

She grew up in a really friendly and religious family which made her very faithful too. She started singing in the small churches but later on she continued performing for huge amounts of people.

After a while she was noticed by the producers who found her a very interesting singer. That’s why they signed a contract and Rebecca started making her own music.

They recorded a lot of songs of different genres. This experience showed that she is able to sing almost anything thanks to her wonderful voice. Soon enough she became well-known in South Africa.

Therefore, she released an album with all the songs that her fans loved her for.

Even though her repertoire is quite various, her favorite genre remains gospel. It made her famous and it also strengthens her connection with God.

In the late 90s she became a star in South Africa. Her songs are still popular and loved by the fans all around Africa. She is still singing so if you get a chance to go to her concert – don’t hesitate. You will definitely enjoy it!

Kenyan gospel musicians
Sarah Kiari


Sarah is 42 years old and her life is really amazing and full of adventures. She comes from a poor family but she made her way to the top with the help of her talent.

She started as a shop assistant but her faith helped her go through all the obstacles and become a famous gospel musician.

Her life story is quite breath-taking. She is still inspiring thousands of hopeless non-professional musicians. She has already won a lot of prestigious awards and she has also earned a lot of respect from the African celebrities.

She is also very happy with her personal life. Kiari is married and has 3 kids. Her husband is a preacher so he totally supports her professional career. And the children are also very proud to have such a talented mother.

She is a very important part of the gospel history of Kenya. She has improved this genre a lot and she let everyone hear her incredible voice that sings the important words that God wants us to hear.

However, when she was just a beginner it wasn’t that easy for her. She had to ask for money to be able to afford the cheapest music studios.

She became famous about 15 years ago after releasing her first album. After that she produced 1 album a year which was a really hard-working job.


Her songs were really sensitive and touching and most of them became hits. Right now she already has a huge amount of albums and she isn’t going to stop as she is one of the best Kenyan gospel singers.

She tends to thank God for everything that she has achieved. She believes that it’s the faith that made her strong. She isn’t going to stop doing what she is the best at.

That’s all her life and she is happy to inspire the others too. That’s a very Christian behaviour.

Ghanaian Gospel Musicians

The music history of Ghana is quite interesting. It has evolved throughout time and nowadays there are different sorts of gospel music, which makes Ghana a very special country.

There are a lot of famous Ghanaian musicians because gospel is a really huge thing there. Most of them dedicate their whole lives to singing and teaching other people about God.

They are trying to explain to others what Jesus Christ actually means for us.

The lyrics of the gospel songs are very deep and beautiful. Most of the fans know all the words by heart as they believe it’s what is close to their heart. Gospel is actually one of the most popular genres in Ghana even now, in 2016.


Every musician became a part of the history as they helped this genre to evolve. They brought new colors and put a new emphasis. Here are the most important Ghanaian gospel singers:

1. Daughters of Glorious Jesus
2. Taggoe Sisters
3. Mama Esther
4. Esther Smith
5. Kwaku Gyasi

Zimbabwe gospel musicians

Carol Mujokoro
Taps Mugadza
Jonathan Wutawunashe
Charity Zisengwe


Kikuyu is actually a part of Kenya but it’s definitely a separate ethnicity so their culture is different from the rest of the country. However, the music they made is popular all over Africa, not only among their ethnic group. They have a unique language too.


Kikuyu gospel musicians

1. Wega wa Gwitu
2. Ahoi Ngoma
3. Joyce Wanjuru
4. Sammy Irungu
5. Peter Ngure, PRAISE & WORSHIP
6. Hezeh Ndung’u
7. Elijah Miller
8. Kirathimo
9. Mawiko N.D.Githuka
10. Beatrice Wangui

Nigerian gospel musicians
Ebele the flutist

Nigeria also has talents! This girl comes from Nigeria and she is a faithful Christian. She has a huge loving family that has supported her throughout her career.

She is quite popular in Nigeria among the gospel fans. She is not only a singer, she can also virtuously play flute. The churches were always happy to have her in the choir before she made it to the big stage!


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