Valentine love feast hosted by Ijeh Okoli


It’s another season of Valentine♥. Love letters, Love stories, Love poems… I’m wondering which teenager is writing or expecting to receive a love letter.

You see this issue of love, it has come to stay.The issue is not that teenagers are getting involved in love or expression of love. In fact, it’s better for them to go in the path of love rather than hate. The challenge is the wrong expression which obviously could be traced to the wrong definition of what they think love is.

On the 14th of February 2018, at the junction close to my house, I sighted two young teens expressing love to each other the way they thought they should.

At first sight, I wasn’t too sure of my eyes because few adults passed the scene without any form of shock. I hurriedly got to both of them and taped the back of the young boy. Thankfully the whole Nollywood action was cut short.

If you ask if I was shocked, The answer will be yes but I was not because of the scene but the way people walk past the scene. This is how we claim we mind our business and still complain about the situation of things without taking any action.

The first thing I asked was their age and if they live around.

The boy was 17 and the girl was 15.

When I asked why both of them should be seen in that kind of unworthy position, the boy replied me and he said but we love each other and that’s how we express our love for each other. More so it’s Valentine’s day ma, am. The girl added, he’s my boyfriend ma.

I remembered how a close family friend panicked the day she saw a love letter inside her daughter’s school bag. It was on a Friday. Just a day to Valentine.

This happened 7 years ago and she’s still clueless of who wrote the love letter.The girl practically refused to tell her mother.

She moved on.
Her mum moved on.
Inside parenting

But, how did they learn to express love in that manner? Like writing love poems, letters,sex,romance…?

We must teach our teenagers how to love right and express love aright.

Love is pure and should be express in such a pure manner devoid of impurity.

Moving forward to 15th of February 2020, we decided to host free Valentine’s teens love feast.;Tagged Redefining Love. We want teenagers to understand :

♥The real source of love
♥What love is and what it is not
♥How to express love purely
♥How to game mastery of self-control in a relationship with the opposite sex.
♥The difference between love and infatuation
♥Attaining and retaining sexual purity
And so much more…
♥The issue of crush and how to handle it

The venue for this event is Tantalizer Surulere Marsha round-about Lagos.

It’s a love feast where we talk about everything love. If you’re a teenager, don’t miss this event. Parents, teen handlers ,this is one event teens in your network should attend.

It’s a free event but registration is required.
To register visit:


©Ijeh Okoli
Professional Teen Mentor and Coach
BTB convener

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