The Grace Life Church is a gathering for the unchurched, it is for people that Love God but don’t go to church anymore, it is also a place for people who now find church is routine and believe that the church no longer feeds them spiritually.

Pastored by Wole and Ololade Olusola, Grace Life Church will be starting a weekly Worship and Grace Fellowship at 30 Commercial Avenue Yaba from 9am to 11am on the 11th of September, 2016.

According to founding member of Grace Life, The Catalyst Lanre OlusolaGrace Life Church is a place where: everyone can come and worship God in spirit and truth without a script, formality or restraint. Everyone can fellowship with each other wearing anything but still comfortable in God’s presence”.

Grace Life Church promises to do the work of ministry, heal broken hearts, set captives free, heal the sick, feed the poor, cloth the naked, house the homeless, produce for the needy, teach everyone the unadulterated word of grace and empower everyone to be all they are born to be by God’s Grace.

For Wole Olusola who co-hosts “Grace Diaries” with Lanre Olusola every Sunday on The Beat99.9FM, he believes that Grace Life Church will Introduce Jesus in a new way – As The Person of Grace.  Everyone knows that no one person has more anointing, authority, power or grace and that everyone no matter his/her status, experience or name, is equal before God

We know that God Loves us equally and unconditionally no matter what we have done or not done. Church is redefined as a congregation of the saints in fellowship and the worship of God. Jesus is the center of our worship and attention and the people of God are served.

Join the GLC family in true worship this Sunday and every Sunday at 9am.

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