Honestly I don’t know who this message is for but I need you to listen and take it seriously.

You cannot build a successful music career on other people’s songs. That is a Tenant Mentality. Going about singing other people’s song and just feeling comfortable doing that proves you have a Tenant Mentality.

As for those of you who are now converting secular songs to gospel songs, the angel that will flog you people at heaven’s gate is still receiving training on how to flog you people. That’s the highest level of abuse on your creativity. In fact I don’t even know the right words to describe how terrible that is. That’s the lowest level you can go. A friend spoke on this yesterday and said when you do this, you cut short your supply of divine creative abilities.

I listened to the Gospel version of Blow my Mind by Davido and Chis Brown and I felt like throwing up. I once heard the Gospel version of Psquare’s Bank Alert and Inyanya’ Kukere. It is really sad.

I remember years ago when Uncle Sammie Okposo did this yeyeness he called Praise Party. He turned all the popular secular songs then into gospel. Songs from Wande Coal… “You bet, you won it” uncle turned it to “You are my healer” in the same exact tune and manner in which wande Coal sang it. He also turned “Pass me your love” by into gospel too and several other secular hits.

The sad thing was that he was invited for a concert in a Redeemed Church in Okota, Lagos and he started singing these songs he concocted, the Audience made up of about 90% youths, started singing the original lyrics from the secular artistes. The concert was a mess. I was there live. I wasn’t told. This is a really sad reality.

You people should stop this yeyeness Biko. It is a Tenant Mentality.

It cost absolutely nothing to create a hit song. All you need is knowledge. Go for this knowledge and create hits to the glory of God. Haba!

Amachree Ikijana Alex

Music Content/Business Coach.

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