Today I received the most feedback on my post on “message doesn’t blow songs”.. a lot of people asking for more insight into the post especially that part in the post where I said it is words that blow songs. Honestly it took me a while before I made up my mind to publish tha post, because I knew that may be too deep for a lot of people to understand.

If you are a song writer or recording artiste who writes your own songs, you need this knowledge more. What I am sharing with you guys here is what I call “The Science of song writing”… There is also what is called the “WORD SCIENCE” in song writing but I will be teaching that in my SCHOOL OF MUSIC COACHING AND MENTORSHIP CLASS only.

Now follow me carefully on this science of song writing as it relates to creating hit songs. I said in previous post that messages don’t blow songs, that words do. I believe you all know what make up a song. You have heard of the word called “Lyric” right? Yeah. That’s what makes up a song and guess what? Lyrics are not MESSAGES, they are words. In the picture attached to this post, is a screenshot of the definition of the word Lyric from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia defines lyric(s) as the word or words that make up a song. Song writing is basically about WORDS not message. Words create messages. Your song will eventually have a message but whatever message your song send across to the world and the impact of that message will depend on the words.

You cannot create hits songs Intentionally if you don’t even understand this basics. Like this is elementary in song writing. It is WORD SCIENCE that is advance in song writing. To be a great song writer, creating hit songs after hits, you must understand the science of song writing and word science. This two work together to create hit songs.

Most secular artiste who are consistent with creating hits understood that song writing is about word, not messages and that’s why most of them don’t even bother about messages. Once the songs come out, whatever Message you understand from it, na you sabi. Lol. That’s their attitude. This is why the society kept shouting that their songs don’t have Messages but then the songs are hits..

They so master this rule so much so that they even create words that have no meaning and use it to create hit songs. If words that have no meaning can create hits, imagine what you can do with words.

Stop focusing on Messages if you must create hits, master words and how to use words to communicate messages in your songs.

Jesus is the WORD, not the message, what the WORD does is the message that we preach. If you don’t know the word, you have no message.

Pay attention to words and not Messages because words create hits.

I will be teaching “WORD SCIENCE” in my Coaching class. If you have not signed up, hurry and do so now.. we have just few seats available..


Amachree Ikijana Alex.

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