In life, it is not so much about what you do but “HOW” you do them. This is very important for any artistes or anyone in life who wants to build influence.

Listen, most people who are Influential in any Field of endeavors and are making the most money in those fields are not the most talented or necessarily the best in that field but they are those who know “HOW” to do what they do in such a way that commands attention.

Think about that for a moment. The fact that you are not visible and Influential is not because you are not good enough or that your songs are not good enough. It is because there’s something you are not doing right yet. You don’t know the “HOW” yet. You can have a great song and still can’t create Influence from it if you don’t know HOW.

I always tell people that Davido,Dbanj, Olamide,Psquare etc may not even pass a MUSIC Reality Show audition. But this are the guys making all the money and commanding Influence in the music world. I know a few Gospel artistes I feel they can’t pass an audition self but they are commanding Influence. Out of respect I won’t mention their names lol.

Now have you ever wondered why most winners of Music Reality shows like MTN Project Fame don’t succeed in Music? Most of them failed even with the backing of heavyweight record labels behind them. It is because they don’t know the HOW. There’s something they are not doing right. You could be the best singer the world ever had know and die without being heard in the world. Knowing how to sing like an angel is no more enough. Today record labels don’t sign artistes because they can sing. Later I will share with you how to attract a record label in another post. You must learn the science of Influence. Get a music content coach like me to help your life and ministry.

Most of you pay huge money for voice training, that’s fine but it’s time to start paying for music content and Business coaching because that’s where the HOW is.

The Bible said that the labour of a fool wearies everyone, because he does not know the way to the city. Notice it didn’t say the labour was bad or not good enough for people, but that he doesn’t know the right thing to do with the labour.

The science of Influence is in two folds, the labour and the way to the city. That’s getting the right content and knowing how to get it out there where the impact is felt.

Jesus brothers also said to him that nobody does the kind of things he does and hide but rather take it to the city.

This is how the science of Influence works…

Start making plans to make a difference with your music in 2021. Let’s create that Influence now.

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