There are three basic laws that govern the making of HIT SONGS and the law of perceived value is one of them. I chose to share this law with you because aside from the fact that it is one of the top laws for creating hit songs, it is also the principle that drives Music Business.

Every artiste needs to understand how this law works. For this article I will simply focus on its function as a law to create hit songs. I may talk about its function in Music Business in subsequent articles.


What’s the law of perceived value? The law states that nothing is valuable in itself unless it is perceived so by the receiver.  In other words, the value of a thing is determined by the receiver of that value. If you gift someone a gift worth $10,000 and the person doesn’t know the value of the gift, to the person, the gift is not worth anything. Even if the person knows the value but doesn’t like the way the gift is or what the gift is, they may treat it anyhow. Value is perception. Read that again, Value is Perception!!.

So in simple terms, the law of perceived value says since Value is based on perception, find out what your audience perceived as value and give that to them.

Whenever I teach on this principle, I always use Monkeys to demonstrate this Concept. If you place $1 Billion and a bunch of bananas before a monkey, the monkey will quickly rush the bananas and abandon the Dollars even though the dollars could buy many banana plantations but as long the monkey is concerned, what it perceived as value is the banana.

How does this law concern music and how to create hit songs. UNTIL YOUR SONG IS PERCEIVED AS VALUE BY YOUR AUDIENCE, IT CAN NOT BLOW. This laws says to win your audience heart and attention, give them what they want. You may need to study them to understand what they want and give that to them.

One of the major reason most Artistes cannot blow is because they record and promote the songs they love and not what their audience want. It is against the law of perceived value. You are not producing music for yourself. Your music is for the world. Don’t just record and promote a song just because it ministers to You. It is easy for your song to minister to you because you understand the message and Emotions behind the song better than anyone else. Sometimes you even wrote it based on personal experience so Everytime you listen to it, you will most likely be ministered to.

It is possible that the song that ministers to you may not minister to others unless you put the law of perceived value into consideration. When you function by this law, you could communicate the same message in genres and sounds that gets your audience attention. Sometimes you may need to connect that your personal experience with what your audience can relate with. If you listen to the song OCEANS by HILLSONG, you will notice how they connected Peter’s Experience with what the audience can relate with.

Listen, Value is like Love, until the person you love feels truly loved, you are definitely not loving right. In the same way until your audience perceive what you are giving as value, then you are not doing something right yet. Pay attention to your audience. Sometimes they give you signs of your songs they love but you ignore and promote the one you love and forcing it on them to download and love it. It doesn’t work that way. Create songs with your audience in mind.

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