SCHOOL OF MUSICI have shared a few thoughts on mentorship on this space before and I am sure by now you already know the importance of having a mentor; an accessible mentor. If you don’t have one please prayerfully find one for yourself.

This article is meant to share a few thoughts on how to maximize and make benefit of your mentorship season. I carefully used the word “Benefit” because that’s the most important thing about having a mentor. It should benefit you or should I say profit you. However this in itself is a problem. Most mentees go into MENTORSHIP relationship with focus on what they will benefit. They are in that mentorship relationship for what they can gain, take and benefit from to grow their career/ministry.

Please listen to this, don’t go into a mentorship relationship with the BENEFIT mindset. I know you want to learn, you want to grow, you want to ride on the shoulder of your mentors to maximize great platforms. All that is fine and you will get all that but first go and serve. Come with a heart of service. Come with a heart of giving. Your mentor may not need what you are giving, but still give.

Understand that you are probably not the only mentee your mentor has but you can be his favorite. When opportunity comes, the person that comes to his mind first is the person who serves. When your mentor is having a concert, don’t go begging him to put you on the flyer to minister. Don’t even ask him to put as a guest. Seek an opportunity to serve in that concert. Even if he or she added you as a guest, don’t go and do celeb there, go and serve. Make an input to the organizing success of the event. Very important. Be in charge of a unit, take responsibility for something in the event. If you can support financially, please do. When you are around your mentor, don’t be a competitor. Don’t go to him or her just because you want their platforms. Go to serve.

Your service will keep you in your mentors mind above all other mentees. When opportunity comes they think of you first. When your mentor think of you today what will come into his mind? In the Bible, Elisha was described as the MAN that POURED WATER on the hands of Elijah. That’s service, distinct service. No wonder when Elijah was to be taken up, he was the one Elijah carried along.

Make an impact in your mentors lives. Forget about what you will gain first, if you win your mentors heart, you will gain much more than you desired. Give to them. Sow seeds into their lives and ministry. Celebrate them genuinely. Humans love those that honor them. I know many of you don’t like to hear SOW SEED but you have to. If you are a taking mentee, you will not gain much, only crumbs. Somebody said INFORMATION is free but TRANSFORMATION has a price. So true! If you need the kind of MENTORSHIP that will transform your life and career, pay the price either through service, seeds or both.

Be Intentional about your relationships. Don’t have a mentor you are not committed to. Don’t be in a MENTORSHIP relationship and not have impact in your MENTOR’S life and ministry. Truth is that your mentor doesn’t really need you but still you can make so much impact in their lives that you grow from MENTORSHIP into FRIENDSHIP and you know what that means right?.

The conclusion of the matter is, go into MENTORSHIP relationship to serve, give of yourself to your mentor, make impact in his or her life Intentionally and every other things you desire from them shall be added unto you. Now this is not for those of you that have 20 mentors oooo. It is for those who are committed to a mentor. I am not talking about Role models but Mentors.. Thank you for understanding.

Amachree Ikijana Alex (AIA)

Celebrity Music Coach
Music Content, Influence and Business Coach.

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