[Music] Yahweh By Bola Ayanfe

Yahweh By Bola Ayanfe

Elevate your worship experience with Bola Ayanfe‘s latest single, “Yahweh.”
This remarkable track is a testament to the majesty and greatness of God, inviting listeners to join in heartfelt adoration. With its soul-stirring melodies and uplifting lyrics, “Yahweh” promises to be a source of inspiration and spiritual renewal for all who listen.

Experience the beauty of worship—stream “Yahweh” now on all music platforms.

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“Yahweh” was produced by Mr. Wols.

Yahweh – Lyrics

Praise God For He Is Holy
Praise God For He Is Mighty
Praise God For He Is Good

Repeat x6

Aýín ò, tòrí pè ò tòbí
Aýín ò, tòrí pè òdààrà
Aýín ò, awa yín ò


Guitar solo


Praise God for He is good x8

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