[Music] Step By Duke of Harmony

tep By Duke of Harmony

Gospel artist, Duke of Harmony has released his latest single titled “Step”.

“Step” is a danceable song with an old traditional hymn. Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Duke of Harmony said “After writing the lyrics of the song, I searched the hymn book for one of my favorite hymns, then took a couple of lines from it and added it to the song to make an afro-infused gospel sound.

In high school, I leaned deeper into these genres and also discovered more genres like rhythm and blues, rap and a little bit of pop and rock after high school.

I started miming to a lot of songs I liked back then especially rap and after a while I started writing my own songs although I started with r&b.

I joined a musical group in my late teenage years into early adulthood and developed a deeper love for more music genres like ragga, dance-hall and afro-infused sounds and my lyrical construct as an artist improved immensely“.

Speaking on how he got his name; “The name Duke of Harmony originated with having the mindset of a leader, as a Duke could also be interpreted as ” a leader or captain” and the belief that Harmony in a song could “make” a song and really bring out its beauty if properly constructed or “mar” the song if done otherwise. Definitely not claiming to know it all, but I’m a leader who is always learning.

My message is simple- glorify Jesus with my music as much as possible”.

“Step” is available on all streaming platforms;

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