SCHOOL OF MUSICA few days ago I made a post where I said that “Any idea or gospel that discourages a gospel artistes from making money from their music is DEMONIC, from the pit of hell”

Many times I have heard people try hard to discourage money in gospel music, they hide behind some form of spirituality as a reason for this, citing that music is ministry and so should be given for free.

These people who say these things add no value to gospel music and have no plans or intention of investing in gospel music yet they are angry that some gospel artistes are making money or desire to make money from their music.

Every recording artiste knows that music is not cheap. Music is expensive and somebody must have to pay for it to be done and done excellently well. You need money to be able to do music and do it well.

In the market there are no free gospel microphones, no free gospel keyboard, no free gospel musical equipments and so since everything is paid for, when someone spends money to get these equipment and opens a recording studio, you are charged to pay for your recording and rehearsal sessions, amongst other things around your music productions before we even talk of promotions.

Music will drain you financially, that’s if you even have the money. I am sure you are not spending all that money just because you want to win one unknown soul somewhere in India. If na to win soul, how much really will it cost to walk down the street to win 10 souls in a day? The major motivation for spending your entire life’s savings in music is simply because you hope it will pay you back in return financially and change your life while blessing lives around the world. I know this is an uncommon truth but it is true nonetheless.

If as a gospel artiste you fall for this joke of you not making money from your music, you will not go all out with your music, you will not want to invest so much money in your music because you won’t see any gain in it. Even if you feel ok It’s ministry so let me invest my money in it, if you are not making money back from it, you will soon become frustrated and can’t really do much because you will soon run out of money to create good music content and promote.

The sad implication of this, is that the secular world will take over the gospel music industry. This is already happening but a lot of you don’t even know it yet. Many of you complain that gospel songs are only played on Sundays in Nigeria as if it is a law. The question is, have you paid the radio stations money to play your songs everyday of the week and they say No? Have you paid HipTv, SoundCity, Trace Tv, Mtvbase money to play your gospel songs and they said No? The problem is that gospel artistes don’t have the funds for that level of promotions. Yet we are discouraging Gospel artistes from making money from their music. How many gospel artistes put their albums adverts on bill boards? If we believe in this gospel and its power to save, we should be the ones more aggressive with promotions but No we can’t because we ain’t got that kind of money.

What will eventually happen which will be terribly sad is that the secular world will take over the gospel music industry and this thought scares me everyday. Soon Don Jazzy will start signing artistes to Marvin Inspiration or Marvin Gospel, a subsidiary of Marvin Records. They won’t ask you not to do gospel music ooo but they will subtily start controlling what you sing. If you speak in tongues too much, they will say the song won’t fly, if the song carries too much presence and annointing, they will say its too spiritual and can’t release it.

As I write to you Now, Kirk Franklin and Travis Green are signed to RCA Inspiration record label. RCA is not a gospel record label and they have loads of popular secular artistes on it, they just created an outlet for gospel which is RCA inspiration. The parent company of this label is Sony Music Entertainment. This is a deep secular record label ooo. You might want to research more on Sony Music.

It is the same thing we have with TRACE Gospel. Trace is not a gospel tv station. They are deep secular TV brand known for promoting sexual content in their music content but now they created a tiny outlet for gospel called Trace Gospel. We have all jumped in on it, very soon, they start dictating what kind of gospel songs that can be aired on their channel.

We need money in this gospel music in other to be able to stand against future oppressions. We need gospel music channel owned by Christians, we need our gospel artistes rich enough to pay secular tv station more money to promote the gospel songs. It is gross ignorance that makes people fight the idea of money in gospel. It is a demonic idea meant to cripple the spread of the gospel because the Bible said, through prosperity shall the gospel be spread abroad. Through prosperity oooo.

We should encourage and support monetization of gospel music and gospel contents. The Bible is the very word of God yet it is Monetized!

Feel free to attack me if you don’t like my guts on this post.

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Amachree Ikijana Alex

Celebrity Music Coach.


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