[Audio] Kool Temper By Taffi Adelanwa

Kool Temper By Taffi Adelanwa

Gentle, unassuming yet down -to-earth – Taffi Adelanwa delivers a bumper release of two exceptional singles in the twinkling of an eye. With an international music producer extraordinaire like Ambassador. Wole Oni, the sky is certainly the beginning of your music exploits.

‘Kool Temper’: With so much happening around us, there is a tendency to want to hold grudges, to be unforgiving or feel sad when we experience delays. 

Kool Temper comes to play out just as its name suggests, outlining reasons why we should take life one day at a time and one step at a time. We should be forgiving and hopeful, knowing that God will always come through when we believe. Simultaneously, it creates an ambience to unwind and dance.


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Taffi Adelanwa Profile

Affable and ever smiling Taffi Adelanwa, is an Obafemi Awolowo University Accountancy graduate, Chattered as well, who has always had a flair for good music .Taffiis resourceful; she loves to think out of the box; she is compassionate; and she believes in maximising potentials. She is happily married to Pastor Yinka Adelanwa and blessed with three boys: Fiyinfoluwa, Jesutofunmi and Momuredani. 

Although she has had an impressive career journey as a chattered Accountant: Manny Bank Plc, Afex Bank, Chevron and presently an investment manager in one of the leading Trustee companies in Nigeria, engaging in musical roles has been an unstoppable aspect of her life.

The burden to do great music goes everywhere with her. It is glaring to see that this burden propelled her to become a member of the Choir in the churches she had joined in the past and the one she attends presently, so she could express her passion: R.C.C.G. Choir, Ijapo Estate, Akure, Ondo State, one of the founding choristers of R.C.C.G. Kingdom Parish, Oba-ileAkure, Ondo State; and KingsWord Ministries International, where she has functioned in different capacities: she was a member of the Victory Singers and Band, a member of the fellowship choir and has played more diverse roles in the ministry. She was the lead Pastor KingsWord, Mushin and Kings Word, Ilupeju for some years.

Additionally, she was fully persuaded that beyond being a member of the choir, she should also have songs written and composed by her. This was confirmed couple of years ago as she started a compilation of her own song composition, given by divine inspiration. Writing her own songs has been interesting because she loves to worship and she also enjoys music as a hobby.

Uniquely, she introduces her presence to the music world in an irresistible manner as she releases two SINGLES at once: Let Praise Arise – a reflective praise song and Kool Temper – a high-life song that focuses on love and forgiveness.

She looks forward to more challenging roles in ministry, career and in music.

Connect with Taffi – @taffi_adelanwa on all social platforms.

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