KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE GOLD – A book by Tony Zino drops in October @apostle_zino

Tony Zino, a pastor, author, musician and a speaker is releasing his new book KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE GOLD this October.
According to the author, “‘Keep your eyes on the gold” viewed from God’s perspective, is having a single focus on success in life, irrespective of area of interest. Your gold may be your marriage, education, children, an idea, ministry or wealth. Contained in this book are personal experiences, revelations and lessons learned over the years that I have applied and have achieved success. In the race of life, God does not recognize consolation prizes, like second and third places; therefore aim for and run to obtain the gold!
Stating further on the new book, Zino said, This book will not only inform you but change your perception and ultimately transform your entire life. Why are you in school? Why go to school at all? Why do you send your children to school? Perhaps to achieve good standards of living, or to be informed and probably gain knowledge. The truth of the matter is that, the school system all over the world is not designed to teach you or your children about money, or about wealth creation or its proper management. Do you ever wonder why the very “intelligent” children or students in school end up working and slaving for those who were considered ‘not so intelligent’ in the real world? Why do the tie-wearing and suit-wearing people work and slave for the T-shirt wearing people? As captured by Robert Kiyosaki – “The ‘A’ students working for the ‘C’ students.” Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?
This book will be available in bookstores and online.
To pre-order, call +23412932300 or mail
Connect with Tony Zino
Faceboook: tony.zino
Twitter: @apostle_zino

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