Igbaiselogo By Bose Ayodele

Bose Ayodele is an anointing gospel music minister of decades, ministering with God’s Grace and power across the nation. Bose Ayodele’s new release, IGBAISELOGO meaning Time of Glorification is a powerful track reminding us of God’s great plans and promises for his children.
Bose Ayodele, popularly known as “Mama Adura Mi Gba” has worked in the gospel Music industry with music icons like Soji Israel, Yetunde Are, Feyi Ojuri, Praise Funmi to mention but a few.
Igbaiselogo titled in yoruba language [a language largely spoken in the south western part of Nigerian] translates as “Time of Glorification” in English.
Please watch, download, Share with friends and families and God bless you as you do.
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