Hillary Clinton Sets Eyes On Higher Calling To Become Preacher

Longtime pastor and friend of American politician and 2016 presidential race candidate Hillary Clinton believes she now has her eyes set on a higher calling. She wants to be a preacher and he thinks she’ll be great at it.

The man of God, Rev. Dr. Bill Shillady shared how Clinton was gingered into preaching following her defeat by Trump.

“We were having a photo shoot for the book and chatting about preaching and she said, ‘Bill, I think I’d like to preach.’ In United Methodism, there’s a tradition of having laypeople preach from the pulpit, and I think she’s going to look at occasionally doing that and sharing the good news without it being a politically charged environment,” Shillady said.

While also giving his full support he said “She is very comfortable in the pulpit. It’s something that comes naturally to her, and she knows the Bible. That’s why I think she’d make a great preacher.”

Clinton recently inspired and wrote the forward of a collection of daily devotional which were written and sent to her during her campaign by Rev. Dr. Bill Shillady. The devotional which is tagged “Strong for a Moment Like This”  is scheduled for release on Aug. 15 and will feature about 365 of the over 600 devotions as well as a forward by Clinton herself.

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