[Audio] Hallelujah By Mr Xtokeyz

Hallelujah By Mr Xtokeyz Ebiye Christopher Ugele popularly known as Mr. Xtokeyz out with a new song & a debut gospel song “Hallelujah”

This song talks about our victory in Christ Jesus and the promises of God in His word. This song will definitely set you dancing and lift up your spirit in times like this.

Mr. Xtokeyz is from Odi town in Bayelsa State. A multi-instrumentalist, producer and song writer to mention a few. He was a secular musician who worked with with the likes of Julius D’ Genius Agu and performed on his Crack ya Ribs platform with other celebrities, he endulged in big events all across the country, but glory be to God who call men for His use alone and has called Mr. Xtokeyz to impart lives through great songs like “Hallelujah”.

Download, enjoy and kindly share.


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Hallelujah by Mr. Xtokeyz lyrics 


          Verse 1

The light shines in darkness

and sets me free

you feel my life with goodness


you are the mighty man in battle

to you I lift my voice

to sing this song of victory


amen amen…


Amen hallelujah (6x)

Verse 2

Halle hallelujah

glory ho hosanna

you are God forever hallelujah

you are the God of signs and miracles

I give u all the praise with you all things are possible


amen amen…


Amen hallelujah (6x)

 Verse 3

You sent your word and heal the sick everybody rejoicing glory glory hallelujah hallelujah

your word to me is medicine

it heals all infirmities

it kills all diseases ohhh hallelujah

glory be to God…


Amen hallelujah (6x)

Verse 4

The God that fires principalities

fire all my enemies give me steady victory hallelujah

no more retrogressing  oh

steady jubilating oh higher elevating oh hallelujahhhhh


Amen hallelujah (6x)

Outro adlip:

Mighty man in battle give u all the glory you’re the great physician

you’re the healing one you’re alpha



the end

strong tower


way maker


what a mighty God-3x oooooh

What a great and mighty God we serve…

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