One Naija By Dr. Paul

One Naija Dr. Paul ft Solomon Lange, Chris Morgan, Asu Ekiye, Elijah Oyelade. This song is a song of unity, peace, love and togetherness. It features celebrity artistes from across all walks of life in Nigeria. They join hands together to call for sanity and understanding in our body polity. Our strength is in our diversity. Nigeria has come a long way. Let us stop tribal, ethnic, religious and political sentiments, and join hands together to build the country. The Nigeria we dream of is not dependent on the government, everyone of us have a role to play to unite and build a great nation we will be proud of. From the least to the highest. One Naija is all we desire. In your little way talk, believe and be one Naija.

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We are the light, the light of Naija oo
Let us live together, love each other, grow together as one,
If you believe just say one Naija, yeah yeah
Cos you know, you are my broda, sister,
I wont hurt you (pls don’t hurt me)
Let not tribe, religion, politics,  and our difference tear us apart
If you dey hear me shout One Naija…ye ye
Through our darkest moments as a nation, we must let our lights to shine


We are the light All: We are Naija
We are a peaceful nation
We are the light All: We are Naija
The giant of Africa
Oh the  labours of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain
We are the light  (We are Naija)
We are a precious nation
We are the light  (We are Naija)
We are a gracious people
For united we will stand together
We will build as one
We are the light.

Vs 2
Whenever you pray, just pray for Naija, oo.
Cos we are the people of destiny and prophecy
That must be fulfilled
So let’s believe- in the power of Naija,
Let us stand together, work together, smile together and laugh.
Forward ever Nigeria
Komi nisa dara gari za ta waye oo (Though the night is long,  the day must come)
We must realise- we have only Naija
There is no better place than this country, let’s help make it work

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